Celebrating our Endeavor’s Elite Champions

Recognizing our employees who go above and beyond

Our 2019 Endeavor’s Elite Champion Award recognizes top employees who display outstanding performance and who have made significant contributions to Endeavor’s mission or strategic plan. Honorees in this category consistently uphold Endeavor’s five core values of honesty, integrity, respect, determination, and stewardship.

The quotations below are excerpts from the nominations that were submitted for each honoree by their colleagues. Take a closer look at why these five “champions” have earned this prestigious recognition.


“Katie Johnson ALWAYS goes above and beyond to uphold Endeavor’s five core values. She is a role model for everyone…from the Security Guards to the VPs.

“Her level of integrity is very high.  She follows through on ALL her promises and then some…  Katie is a good steward of Endeavor’s reputation. She touches all people with dignity and honor: employees, peers, and ultimately, our customers.  I have never met anyone who has such high, unwavering commitment to an organization.”   


“Jane loves her job more than anyone I have ever met. She loves flying so much that she takes the minimum legal days off each month and calls scheduling to ask for flying if she hasn’t received an assignment…

“No matter how irregular the operation is, she is a beacon of good attitude. She is always willing to help the operation. She will double deadhead to operate one flight…Jane’s position as a flight attendant gives her the unique opportunity to infect other crew members, scheduling, and the passengers with her good attitude and enthusiasm.”


“First Officer Liston cared for a Nebraska community when there were record floods last spring. FO Liston and his wife took it upon themselves to fly people in and out of the devastating floods, bring in food/supplies, and set up a fundraising campaign.

His act of kindness took on legs as other pilots chimed in and joined the cause. FO Liston was interviewed on CNN and there was national coverage about his heroic behavior.”


“Jay shows respect and appreciation for each individual and motivates each person to excel and become more knowledgeable on our aircraft fleet. Initiative, leadership, teamwork, and ingenuity are carved into his DNA …

Jay has impacted all of the workers here from TYS … Performance results have increased and tasks are being done at a high proficiency. When Jay arrived at TYS, he changed the culture and fostered a team environment… He is definitely a leader. His vast aircraft background and knowledge coupled with his magnetic personality fosters the team atmosphere that was missing and boosted morale to very high levels.”


“Barbara has been one of the most influential people in setting up and maintaining the pin and blade shop at TYS …When the equipment for the project started rolling in, her input was essential in determining the best locations in order to facilitate the highest output and best quality. After the success with the CRJ-200 blades, it was announced that we would also be working the CRJ-900 pins and blades. She quickly stepped up to the challenge with new processes and equipment improvements in order to maintain our output while not sacrificing the quality of work.

“Barbara is constantly looking for ways to improve and make the shop a safer place. It is very clear that the entire company benefits from her strong work ethic and efforts…It is a pleasure and a privilege to work alongside her.”

Congratulations to all of our 2019 Endeavor’s Elite Annual Employee Award honorees! To learn more about our awards and to see the honorees in each category, click here.