Extraordinary Teamwork

Recognizing our 2019 Endeavor’s Elite honorees for Teamwork Excellence

At Endeavor Air, we know that our people are our greatest assets. And, when our people work as a team, they can accomplish extraordinary things. Our Endeavor’s Elite Teamwork Excellence award recognizes teams that have excelled in their work — whether a special project, task, or assignment — because of the collective efforts of all team members.

The quotations below are excerpts from the nominations that were submitted for each team by their colleagues. Take a closer look at why these two groups stood out among their peers for demonstrating and improving Teamwork Excellence.


Austin Apple, Pilot • Tim Boger, Program Manager, FOQA • Steve Chan, Pilot • Vaughan Dehart, Pilot • Terry Lund, Pilot • Shami Siddiqui, Pilot

“The FOQA Monitoring Team (FMT), led on the Endeavor side by FOQA Program Manager, Tim Boger, and on the ALPA side by Lead Gatekeeper Captain Terry Lund, have significantly advanced the capture of and utilization of critical safety data (FOQA data) in 2019. 

Their efforts have directly resulted in an improvement/rate reduction in multiple safety events, and notably their efforts are one of the reasons that the Endeavor unstable approach rate continues to improve year over year, the rate of go-arounds has increased, and the rate of one of the key Endeavor Safety Metrics (Flight Safety Index) is significantly favorable to goal in 2019.” 


Phil Sundberg, Project Manager • Chris Oot, Manager, PMI • Bob Gatzke, PMI Specialist  • Will Rodenbeck, PMI Specialist • Jimmy Smith, Maintenance Program Manager • Gerardo Soriano, Maintenance Program Specialist •  Heinz Ahlers, Manager, Engineering • Carl Meyers, Program Engineer • Kari Lagace, Manager, Aircraft Records • Paul Hohman, Manager, Purchasing

“The Airplane Transition Team bridged former CRJ-700/-900 aircraft from another carrier into Endeavor Air’s fleet on schedule, meeting our 2018 and 2019 goals to ‘Expand Endeavor fleet and personnel to support Delta Connection consolidation and network flying.’ This was accomplished within the required timeline without operational disruption.

“Members of the team met and worked daily to review and confirm records in order to determine work scope, modifications, and materials requirements required to bridge the airplanes into Endeavor Air’s operation, in addition to performing their normal day-to-day jobs.  There are few projects at this airline that require actions from all divisions and departments.  The work of the team required close coordination with nearly every department within Endeavor Air. 

This project increased Endeavor Air’s dual class fleet size nearly 40% and provided Delta with a step change improvement in performance compared to the previous operators.  We also introduced a new fleet type, the CRJ-700, into Endeavor’s operation. Delta and Endeavor customers benefited from the improved reliability of the aircraft under Endeavor’s operation.”

For more information on our Endeavor’s Elite Awards program, click here.