Elevating Our Operation

Recognizing our 2019 Endeavor’s Elite honorees for Operational Excellence

Our 2019 Operational Excellence Award recognizes employees whose problem solving, teamwork, and leadership results in ongoing improvement of airline operations at Endeavor. These individuals consistently provide superior support to their department’s objectives, enhance effectiveness in performance, and endeavor to continually improve processes.

The quotations below are excerpts from the nominations that were submitted for each honoree by their colleagues. Take a closer look at why these six honorees stood out among their peers for demonstrating and improving Operational Excellence.


“Roger Lien has tirelessly worked to ensure our aircraft continuously improve their dispatch reliability and maintain the highest levels of safety.  Without Roger’s combination of leadership, technical knowledge and tenacity, Endeavor Air’s reliability and safety performance would not be the best in Delta Connection. 

This dedication really showed with Roger’s work to identify the cause of a drastic reduction in the Honeywell CRJ-200 APU reliability which threatened to ground CRJ-200 aircraft if not resolved. Roger’s experience and leadership during this time was instrumental in a quick reaction and recovery plan to keep the fleet operating during this event.”


On a daily basis, LaShawn is all business as a Special Assistant Flight Attendant in DTW. She watches flights all day to ensure on time performance is met. She trouble shoots any potential delays, determined to avoid a cancellation.

LaShawn always goes above and beyond.  She continually assists the flight attendants in ensuring they have all of the tools they need to be successful on each and every flight.  She is not above grooming the aircraft before the crews arrive, pre-flighting and boarding to get the flight out on time.  LaShawn works with a very elite group of SAFAs in DTW who take pride in their work and the day-to-day excellent performance that DTW delivers.  She is a quiet leader, humble, but she sets a tone and a standard that her co-workers, and frankly, her managers want to attain.”


“As the maintenance supervisor, Andy is responsible for orchestrating hundreds of work tasks across these aircraft and to have all work completed and aircraft ready by 6:30AM each day for morning launch…Andy accomplishes what would seem like an impossible task to most by utilizing his many skills to plan the night’s activity based on the complexity of each aircraft’s requirements…

Andy is a main ingredient to the overall success of the maintenance operation in CVG.”


“Casey plays a crucial role in the recent improvements of the Crew Scheduling department. He always takes the initiative to think of new and creative ways to improve the structure of the floor as well as ways to improve the overall moral of the department so that the operation can run as smooth as possible.

Aside from Casey’s killer work ethic and attention to detail, he is overall just a great person to be around. His positive attitude is infectious and genuine. His efforts to strengthen our culture do not go unnoticed.”


“Maria is the backbone of the Ground Ops department. She oversees over 80 stations, manages the customer complaint reporting to the Department of Transportation and Delta, provides vacation coverage for our ACC managers in ATL, LGA & JFK, and has responded to over 280 FCR’s this year alone…

But I think her biggest strength is her ability to build relationships and work with our challenging stations…She has spent many hours on the ground in BTV, training, and building relationships with the Station Manager.  Because of this relationship, BTV has gone from our lowest performing station to one of the best in the region.”


“Chrishana saw the issue we were having with getting parts out for repair in a timely matter and keeping the OFR spreadsheet up-to-date with airway bill information so that the Repair group can track parts and provide information to vendors if the parts didn’t arrive…

With Chrishana’s dedication, unserviceable parts are being sent to repair vendors faster and are getting returned into the Endeavor inventory system in a timely manner, making more parts available to be used when needed.”