Customer Service Excellence

2019 Endeavor’s Elite honorees go above and beyond

Our 2019 Endeavor’s Elite Customer Service Champions consistently deliver meaningful and thoughtful service to their internal and external customers. Committed to making memorable moments, providing a positive travel experience for our customers, and leaving a lasting impression on those they meet, these honorees work hard to help Endeavor deliver seamless service — in the sky and on the ground.

The quotations below are excerpts from the nominations that were submitted for each honoree by their colleagues. Take a closer look at why these six honorees stood out among their peers as true Customer Service Champions.


“Flight Attendant Janna-Lee Barnaby went above and beyond to ensure a positive travel experience for a hearing impaired passenger named Ashley… She had to think quickly on her feet, first referring to her Flight Attendant manual for guidance and then interpreting the directive in a way that would be most helpful for her customer. In this case, a handwritten note delivered with a smile…

Janna showed initiative to go above and beyond in making a lasting impression on her customer. She took the time to put herself in Ashley’s shoes—or rather, seat—and determined what kind of questions or concerns a young teen traveling alone might have, especially one without the use of all five senses.”


“Lisa was the liaison between Endeavor Air, Delta Supply Chain, Delta Legal, and our hotel vendor, Accommodations Plus International (API).  She was essential is coordinating the lengthy process toward a contract extension…

Crew member safety is most important to Lisa, and she takes quick action to address each situation with excellent customer service and professionalism.  Lisa works closely with the Safety team to ensure proper steps are taken to quickly remedy at-risk situations.”


“Jackie is the whole package. Not only is she a superior pilot, as told to me by many pilots, she demonstrates why so many crew members are thrilled to see her name on the manifest.

She engages passengers every day with her warmth and cheerfulness. But most of all she is a welcomed and loved team member by ground crew, catering, grooming, and all other team members. Truly Endeavor is fortunate to have Jackie on their team.”


“Maria Coral didn’t simply do one thing in 2019 that makes her an Endeavor’s Elite candidate; she goes above and beyond each and every day…Maria takes charge when no one else volunteers to do so. If she says she will do something, she will – everyone knows that her word is golden. Maria is always thinking about others, especially the mechanics who work overnight and weekend shifts. She makes sure they will have what they need, when they need it – even though she can’t be at the airport 24 hours per day 7 days a week….

Maria is a great example to our employees of how they should strive to be each day. She embodies what it means to take care of her customers.”


“FO Huber demonstrated what superior customer service is all about. Our pilot took the time and care necessary to ensure that this elderly couple who had significant language barriers and minimal travel experience to make sure this couple had their luggage and then escorted them to their international gate.

In addition, he took the time to write a note and text it to the elderly couple’s son, who was very worried about his parent’s ability to navigate around the airport. He demonstrated that his character is one of kindness and care.”


“Andrea demonstrates customer service to her internal customers/co-workers each and every day. She creates a welcoming attitude for her co-workers…She takes time to listen so she understands what’s needed before she takes action.

Though her primary responsibility is as the manager of accounting, she goes above and beyond that by bridging the relationship between the Endeavor and many business units at Delta (procurement services, tax, treasury, and risk management) to make sure our employees have the tools they need to do their job.”

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