Endeavor pilot shares life passion and advice with hometown kids

From a young age, Endeavor Captain Boma Tamuno had his eyes set on the skies.

“When I was little, my dad used to take me to our local airport in Nigeria, and I was fascinated by airplanes,” Boma said. “Flying is all I ever wanted to do.”

Growing up around the university where his father was a History professor, education was strongly valued in Boma’s family.

“I would always hear about the ‘big three’ career paths: being a doctor, lawyer or engineer,” Boma said.

His three siblings all became lawyers, and in spite of Boma’s passion for aviation, his father still wanted him to get a degree. Boma attended medical school and began his residency in Anesthesiology. He had plans to come to the United States to receive a Master’s degree in Public Health, but his desire to fly never ceased.

When presented with the opportunity to attend flight school and undergo training, Boma never looked back. He spent the next nine years flying helicopters in Nigeria before moving to the United States to pursue a career as an airline pilot, and his passion and hard work ethic landed him a job at Endeavor Air in 2016.

Recognizing the importance of loving your career path, Boma recently passed along his wisdom to a group of individuals back home in Nigeria. Boma participated in a virtual Zoom Town Hall for Nigerian high school students, graduates and anyone interested in learning about harnessing their skills for the future. Boma was on the panel alongside a doctor from the United Kingdom and a lawyer from Nigeria.

As Boma reflected on his own pathway in life, he shared his advice with the Town Hall attendees and encouraged them to match their skills to their passions.

“I spoke about the importance of allowing your passions to enhance what you are naturally good at,” Boma said. “I used my example of being a pilot; I have always wanted to be a pilot, and I think that allows me to be better at what I do, because of the passion that I have for flying.”

Boma clarified with the audience that it is never too late to start your passion. In fact, said Boma, a 40-year-old doctor in Nigeria on the call now wants to become a pilot after listening to Boma.

“Once you have discovered your passion, be determined to stick to it,” Boma encouraged them.

The CRJ-900 Captain continues to keep his passion alive while working at Endeavor.

“The quality of life here is wonderful – everything works; whether that is the excellent communication, the inclusive people or the just culture,” said Boma. “I consider working at Endeavor to be a privilege.”