Endeavor Launches IFS Inclusion Forms

Endeavor is committed to fostering a diverse, culturally-rich workforce, where all employees are treated with dignity and respect. To better meet this goal and encourage conversation, the Endeavor Inflight Services (IFS) team began hosting virtual Inclusion Forums for flight attendants, the first of which was held in June.

The monthly IFS Inclusion Forums are a safe space for Flight Attendants to have honest discussions about their work experience at Endeavor. Flight Attendants are invited to register to participate, and ten are selected for the forum each month.

Also participating in each event are Patty Allen, VP of IFS, Kevin Burian, Director of IFS, and Nikole Mielke, IFS Operations Manager, along with a moderator to guide the conversation.

The IFS leaders participate for the purpose of listening and absorbing the stories presented to them.

“Our hope is that participants will feel genuinely supported by both their Inflight leadership and their fellow flight attendants,” said Patty. “For those who generally feel included at Endeavor, hopefully they’ll be able to better understand others’ experiences and support their coworkers who have felt exclusion. And for those who have felt exclusion, our hope is that they feel truly heard during the forums.”

“Their leaders will listen and work in partnership with our employees to make Endeavor a more welcoming place for all,” Patty continued.

A moderator at each forum guides the conversation for the duration of the two-hour event. They ask the small group two questions: “When do/don’t you feel included?” and “What can we do to better support you?”

“Our goal is to discover trending issues and main concerns that our flight attendants are having, and then we can hopefully create change based on what we are learning from these forums,” said Bailey Miller, Program Manager, IFS Communications.

Inclusion Forums create a channel for more voices to be heard and for meaningful conversation to be shared. The Endeavor leadership team hopes to create similar events for other work groups across the organization in the future.