Champions of Safety

2019 Endeavor’s Elite honorees put safety first — always

At Endeavor Air, safety is our #1 principle. It is the responsibility of all employees at Endeavor Air to prioritize safety in the workplace. However, there are individuals within our operation who stand out for going above-and-beyond in their contributions and commitment to safety. 

Our 2019 Endeavor’s Elite Safety Champions have each had a substantial impact on building a positive safety culture on their team or in their base. The quotations below are excerpts from the nominations that were submitted for each honoree by their colleagues. Take a closer look at why these four honorees stood out among their peers as true advocates for safety — for themselves, their colleagues, our customers, and our operation.


“CA Gabriel called the Safety Hotline to proactively report a potential safety/injury hazard that he observed in the operation.  He reported that during deplaning in Lafayette, LA (LFT) it was observed that the mobile bridge adapter used for boarding and deplaning was unstable…He showed leadership and initiative by proactively reporting this issue…

Within Safety we don’t receive many proactive reports like this BEFORE somebody ends up injured, so this Captain certainly went above and beyond by taking a hazard seriously and reporting it.”


“When it comes to Pamela and safety there are no short cuts…If you are leaving the office, you can always count on Pamela asking multiple questions about how you are going to do it safely. She is not only looking out for you at work but outside of work as well.

She takes pride in her job, and wherever Endeavor has a presence in LGA, there is Pamela making sure that we are doing it safely. When you have a leader that leads with safety by example, everyone benefits. It’s a trickle-down effect that is contagious.”


“Anne Peterson noticed a bad habit…Flight Attendants were leaving papers next to the ovens on the CRJ-900s. Some papers were marked with dark spots that could easily pass as heat or burn marks…Therefore, EDV installed paperclips in the galleys as an alternative stowage location.  

It’s important to point out that Anne elevated our Safety Culture by not only observing but also reporting her concern.”


“Sarah Sullivan was involved in a life-saving event in the MSP terminal…She saw a young man that was laying on the floor with a police officer at his side.  Sarah ran to the find the nearest AED, which was only a few yards away.  When she returned, she noticed the customer’s breathing was shallow, causing him to turn slightly blue in the face. She quickly turned the AED on, applied the shock pads and waited for the instruction prompt to shock…Within minutes the customer was breathing more regular and color was returning to his face.

She stated that her training skills in AED usage and CPR recovery ‘kicked in’ to make this a successful outcome. She took leadership in the delivery of the AED, the application of the AED, and most importantly the recovery of the customer.” 

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