Taking Flight in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Earlier this month, more than 160 cancer survivors flew from Atlanta to Boston aboard Breast Cancer One (BC1), Delta’s annual survivor flight that kicks off their fundraising initiatives for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Along with the first class treatment on the flight, passengers were treated to succulent seafood dishes, celebrations, and a royal red carpet experience from start to finish upon arrival in Boston.

Five Endeavor employees were selected to take part in this year’s festivities: Anna Gattuso, a Detroit-based CRJ-200 Captain, Erma Phillips, Flight Attendant, ATL, Lisa Lubig, Flight Attendant, DTW, and MSP-based Flight Attendants Beverly Bradley and Claudia Schaub. All had unique experiences that led them to this year’s flight.

Anna Gattuso, Captain, DTW

“Being able to participate in this event meant the world to me. I am fairly new to the breast cancer scene, after being diagnosed in January 2017. Dealing with breast cancer left me feeling lonely, but having the ability to connect with others that have forged down that same road was comforting, inspiring, and motivating.”

Bev Bradley, Flight Attendant, MSP

“My mom’s family was part of the research that discovered the BCRA gene and the mutations that were involved. I was genetically tested, and I carry both the BCRA1 & BCRA2 gene mutations. I had my first fight with breast cancer at 41, and it came back with a vengeance when I was 51; it spread through my body, making me Stage 3. Six months of chemo, 40 doses of radiation, five days a week. After I went into remission, I’ve been on a maintenance plan for the past five years. Due to my bad gene pool, my daughter was tested and came down with breast cancer at 29. Thanks to the BCRF and early detection, she’s now a two-year survivor. We both look forward to a long, wonderful life.”

Lisa Lubig, Flight Attendant, DTW

“What a privilege it was to be a part of BC1 and get to experience it with my good friend, Claudia Schaub. I met and flew with Claudia a year before I was diagnosed. She was with me every step of the way. This was an absolute unforgettable memory. Research makes all the difference in the world, and the questions and stories from the survivors were so heartfelt. We had so much fun.”

Claudia Schaub, Flight Attendant, MSP

“I’ve been a survivor for seven years. Being with all these survivors on BC1, we’re all fighting our battles together. I just want to say thank you to Endeavor for the opportunity to join the breast cancer flight. We are survivors!”

◦ ◦ ◦

These inspiring words stand as both motivations and counsel for all employees. Anna Gattuso summarized it best when she closed with this final advice:

“As a survivor, I have taken on the role of an advocate. Please, listen to your body, have regular checkups, and perform self-exams frequently because breast cancer can affect anyone at any time.”