Keep Climbing: Flight Attendant Venture to Japan to conquer Mount Fuji

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For LGA Flight Attendant Marco Anjos, a trip to Tokyo provided a cultural immersion, peaceful respite, and the ultimate challenge: To make it to the top of the magnificent Mount Fuji. Reaching the summit gifted Marco with sensational views above the clouds, and memories to last a lifetime.

What was your destination and why did you choose it?
Destination: Tokyo and Mt. Fuji. I was dedicating this climb/hike at the Mount Fuji to someone very special. Besides that, I was visiting Tokyo, Japan, for the great cuisine, the Temples, shrines, and gardens. Tokyo actually has a unique amount of beautiful gardens and Shrines for anyone seeking a peaceful respite from their hectic environment. The ‘Central Park’ of Tokyo is an incredible and lovely place called the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, where over 1,500 cherry trees bloom every spring to create an absolutely stunning landscape.

What route did you take to get there?
I flew through DTW straight to Narita Airport in Japan, in our newest aircraft, the Delta Airbus 350. From the airport, it is a very easy ride to the downtown area, where I spent the night before heading to Mt. Fuji. From Tokyo to Mt. Fuji is about a 2 ½ hour bus ride.

Where did you stay while you were there?
I really enjoyed my overnight stays in this cool urban hotel called 9 Hours Hotel in the district of Shinjuku-North. It was also super close to the Shinjuku and Shibuya subway/metro stations.

What was your favorite memory or activity?
My favorite memory was most definitely climbing Mt. Fuji, reaching the high altitudes above 10,000 feet above the clouds. It was one of those unforgettable, memorable experiences of a lifetime that will stay with you forever. Also, in downtown, the whole karaoke scene and sightseeing is a must on your Tokyo visit. So much fun!

Do you have any helpful tips or tricks you’d like to share?
Try not to fly during the months of June, July or August. It is way too hot, very-very hot — hotter than Florida weather! If you plan to explore Mt. Fuji, get a guide, but you must keep up with their pace or they will leave you behind. Try sushi if you haven’t yet, and get the legit sushi from Sukiyabashi Jiro.


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