Upcycled FA Uniform Pieces Distributed at Crew Bases

Throughout the month of October, Endeavor Flight Attendants have been given the opportunity to ‘shop’ — at no cost — from a collection of gently-used uniform pieces at each crew base.

More than 18,000 uniform pieces from the Richard Tyler collection were donated by Delta for distribution to Endeavor Flight Attendants. The pieces will help refresh uniforms and keep Flight Attendants looking sharp while they wait for the official transition to the Zac Posen collection in Fall 2019.

“We are excited to be able to provide our Flight Attendants with the opportunity to replace uniform items free of charge,” said Maria Lindsey, Program Manager, IFS Uniforms. “We want to ensure our Flight Attendants demonstrate pride in their uniforms. Being able to refresh their wardrobe will aid them in looking their best each and every day on every flight.”