Travel Corner: Temple Tour in Cambodia

HR Recruiter Adam Kusie always wanted to take an adventure overseas. With the world at his fingertips, the only question was “where?” Inspired by photos seen on social media, Kusie set off on a solo adventure to the spiritual heart of Cambodia, where ancient temples and the largest religious monument in the world promised to turn his first trip abroad into the experience of a lifetime.


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What was your destination and why did you choose it?

My destination was Siem Reap, Cambodia. I saw some pictures on Facebook of the temples in Siem Reap and said to myself, “This will do!”

What route did you take to get there?

MSP-HND (Tokyo, Japan)-CAN (Guangzhou, China)-REP (Siem Reap, Cambodia)-CAN-HND-MSP. I left MSP at 10:45AM Wednesday, and landed at REP at 8:00PM Friday. Then, I left REP 7:00PM Sunday and landed in MSP 1:00PM Monday.

Where did you stay while you were there?

I stayed at an Airbnb, which was at a hotel about 3 blocks outside of the Old Market and Night Market. In Siem Reap, you can get a very high quality hotel room for very little. This location was close enough to the markets so that you could easily walk to them, yet far enough away that you could escape the chaos.

What was your favorite memory or activity?

Touring the temples Angkor Watt, Bayon Temple, and Ta Prohm was incredible. The gentleman who picked me up from the airport offered to drive me to all of the temples for very cheap! Most of the drivers will have a list of places to see with them in the vehicle. My driver had 25+ temples to tour, and in my 8-hour trip, I only saw 4 temples. The temples are very close together, so if you want to zoom through it, you could probably see more in that time. I was slow because I thought the temples were very neat.