New Onboarding Program Brings Work Groups Together for Day 1 Experience

C8fagePUAAAt2OzEndeavor is rolling out the welcome wagon for new employees with a fresh onboarding experience.

The new program launched on April 3, bringing together newly-hired pilots, flight attendants, technicians, and corporate employees for an integrated company orientation. A total of 41 new hires participated in the inaugural session.

The new initiative is guided by Endeavor’s 2017 Flight Plan, which calls for the implementation of “centralized onboarding and mentoring programs for new hires across all employee groups.” Spearheaded by Nancy Shane, Director of Pilot Sourcing and Industry Outreach, the new onboarding program will feature presentations by senior leadership, providing an overview on our company history, our operations, safety, human resources policies, and more. The structure will provide a more comprehensive company orientation, an immersion into Endeavor’s culture, and an opportunity to build community across work groups.

“We want everyone to feel like they own a part of Endeavor’s success and have a meaningful connection to the company – whether they are here for one day or 20 years,” said Shane. “The integrated new hire experience will ensure that everyone has the same ‘Welcome to Endeavor’ experience and leaves on Day 1 feeling informed and positive about the decision they made to join our team.”

The onboarding sessions occur at Endeavor’s MSP Headquarters, and will be held approximately every two weeks.