25 Years of Wisdom with Team CWA

Eight CWA employees reminisce as they celebrate 25 years with Endeavor Air

For eight CWA employees, 2022 has given them 25 reasons to celebrate.

John Gerrits, Kim Koehmstedt, Lead AMT, Randy Smedshammer, Jim Stern, John Zamzow, Scott Johnson, Greg Rowerdink and Mark Bohan are celebrating 25 years with the company. We sat down with a few of the team members to learn their favorite memories and the wisdom they have gained over their years at Endeavor.

And according to the group, they have “seen it all.”

“It’s crazy to think about everything we have seen the aviation industry go through, such as 9/11, bankruptcies, strikes and more,” said Scott. “We even had three airlines in one year, but we came out on top.”

“We’re like one big happy family here,” added Greg. “The aviation industry is smaller than you think, so you make connections with the people around you.”

“I have loved my time here and it has been nothing but rewarding. I’m not going anywhere,” Jim said.


Shift: Third

Favorite memories: It feels like we grew up with everyone and it doesn’t feel like a ‘job’ when I’m with these guys. We used to have to make our own tools back in the day – it’s crazy how far we’ve come.

Favorite trip: Taking the family down to Florida when the kids were little. We went to see a shuttle launch back in 1999. It was a nighttime launch. Then my wife and I went to see the second launch in Cocoa Beach. We ended up sitting next to someone who used to be an engineer for NASA, so that was very memorable.

Best piece of advice: I always tell the younger guys to hang in there. Take it easy, there will always be work for us. We’ve seen the ups and downs of the industry, and we know Endeavor will take care of us.


Shift: Third

Favorite memories: Working with these wonderful men and women over the past 25 years. No matter how different we may be, we’re all working together toward the same goal.

Favorite trip: Last year, I went down to Houston and went to the Egyptian National Museum. I always wanted to go to Egypt, but COVID stopped me, so that was my chance to have a similar experience. I also went to the Space Center and saw the Apollo room – it was incredible.

Best piece of advice: Instead of ‘the grass is always greener on the other side,’ I think that ‘the grass is the color you make it.’ Wherever you are, make it the best you can make it.


Shift: First

Favorite memories: Being with the same people and seeing the aviation industry grow over the years. I also always love going to Oshkosh each year and being surrounded by aviation fans like me.

Favorite trip: I do a lot of mission trips in Central America, including Guatemala, El Salvador and the Dominican. They’re neat because we’re making a difference in people’s lives. Some of my other favorite trips have been to Sweden and Germany, as I have family in both of those countries.

Best piece of advice: Be thankful for what you have. Enjoy the ride – or the flight. Keep growing with the company.