Updated: Endeavor, ALPA reach tentative agreement for leading regional industry pilot contract

Updated 11/21/22: The tentative agreement was ratified by Endeavor ALPA’s MEC on Friday, 11/18/22.

Endeavor Air and ALPA, the union representing Endeavor pilots, announced they have reached a tentative agreement (TA) that, once approved by the ALPA MEC, will provide Endeavor pilots with an industry-leading contract, top-tier compensation, and improved work rules to enhance overall quality of life.

The agreement includes wage rate increases that puts Endeavor pilot compensation at the top of the regional industry, with first-year First Officers earning $100.00/hour starting pay.

With Captain upgrades projected at less than 24 months, pilots with no prior Part 121 experience earn Captain pay in less than two years, with an hourly pay rate of $159.69.

Under the new pay scales, Direct Entry Captains earn a starting hourly rate of $150.00. Because Endeavor offers a longevity pay scale match up to 10 years, Direct Entry Captain candidates with eligible experience earn up to $185.00/hour starting pay.

In addition to the pay scale increases, the agreement includes an Early Captain Pay program, which makes pilots with 850+ hours of Part 121 time eligible to earn early Captain pay as part of our Bonus & Retention Program.

The new agreement also eliminates airport Ready Reserve schedules for pilots, effective January 2023.

Endeavor pilots already enjoy a contractual, exclusive and guaranteed career pathway to Delta Air Lines through the Career Advancement Program. The new contract improvements and pay scale increases further sets Endeavor apart as a great choice for pilots looking to start or continue their airline career.

“Endeavor is a leader in the regional airline industry, always striving to set the standard for operational performance and having a reputation for being a great place to work,” said Jim Graham, Endeavor Air CEO. “The new agreement will improve the value proposition to keep the outstanding pilots we have today and to recruit more outstanding pilots to replace those who choose to move to Delta.”