From the Galley to the Flight Deck

With dreams of one day becoming a Delta pilot, Endeavor Flight Attendant Alexis Caverly works to take her aviation career to new heights

With a father in the U.S. Air Force, Alexis Caverly remembers airplanes as an important part of her childhood.

Years later, she followed in her father’s footsteps by earning wings of her own, first as a flight attendant, and soon, as a pilot.

In February 2020, ATL-based flight attendant Alexis was part of the last class to earn their Endeavor wings before COVID caused a pause in hiring. Alexis said that it was during flight attendant training that she first became interested in taking flight lessons.

“One of our instructors mentioned the APU and I had questions about it, so they directed me to a Flight Ops instructor,” recalled Alexis. “I started talking to them more about technical questions, and they affirmed that I could definitely go through pilot training and excel at it.”

In January 2021, Alexis began taking flight lessons at Liberty University, which she said was the best fit for her flight schedule and finances, and she is on track to earn her Private Pilot License this summer.

Alexis said her dream is to become an Endeavor pilot, and eventually, a Delta pilot. She believes her experience as a flight attendant will give her a well-rounded perspective to help her succeed in the role.

“As a pilot, I will have that knowledge of what the flight attendants are doing and know how to further connect and communicate as one team and look out for each other,” Alexis said.

In the meantime, Alexis is taking advantage of new ways to get involved and inspire others to pursue aviation careers. She recently took on the role of Outreach Chair Member with the Atlanta Chapter of Women in Aviation International (WIA) and has been highly involved in Girls in Aviation Day in Atlanta as well as putting together local summer camps.

“I love hearing the girls’ excitement and curiosity when they talk about airplanes,” said Alexis. “It reminds me of myself as a little girl and inspires me to keep moving forward.”

Alexis sets high standards for herself and hopes that others can also attain their dreams of becoming pilots one day. She said she would one day like to create scholarship foundations for flight attendants who are interested in taking flight lessons.

“I know we have previous flight attendants who are now Endeavor pilots, so that inspires me to keep working hard and achieve my goals,” Alexis said. “If you apply yourself and put in the work, you can totally do it.”