Like Father, Like Son

A special surprise at a recent Endeavor pilot ground school graduation brought new meaning to the term “Endeavor Family.”

James Chancey, Jr., earned his wings as an Endeavor First Officer in June, six years after his father first joined Endeavor as a pilot. 

“It wasn’t a deciding factor, but I fully respect my dad’s opinion,” said James Jr., who bears the same name as his father. “My dad loves this company and let me decide on my own, and I’m so glad I came here.”

On the day of graduation, the proud class of new First Officers gathered in a training classroom at Endeavor headquarters. Eric Allen, Director of Flight Ops Training, asked the class if James Chancey, Jr., could raise his hand.

“There was a bit of a mix up with your wings,” Eric said. “Since your dad has the same name as you, your wings were delayed in the process, so your package just arrived and is right outside the classroom.”

Eric gestured toward the door, and in walked James Chancey, Sr., grinning from ear to ear, holding his son’s Endeavor wings.

The father and son embraced each other, and James Sr. proudly handed his son his wings.

“It was such a special moment that I’ll remember forever; I didn’t expect it at all,” James Jr. said. “He walked through the door and I was like, ‘That’s my dad!’ It was the most special way to end training.”

The past few years have been especially difficult for the Chancey family. After a cancer diagnosis, James Sr. had to step back from flying to focus on his health and treatments. Throughout training, however, the father and son remained connected, with the younger Chancey often calling for studying tips and technical questions, and his dad was always more than happy to help.

“I know how hard training is, so it makes you proud as a dad,” said James Sr. “For one, that he’s following your footsteps and career path, but also just to see him accomplish it.”

James is proud that his son has become an Endeavor pilot alongside him — and is now officially part of the Endeavor ‘Family.’

“These past couple of years have been tough on our family, but Endeavor has been so accommodating and supportive throughout this time,” said James Sr. “I’m so proud of my son for putting in the work and achieving his goals, and I sincerely appreciate Endeavor making this surprise happen. Endless support is something you always find here at Endeavor.”