Your Experience Adds Up: New Hire Endeavor Pilots Can Earn Up to $150,000 in Bonus Potential

A new retention and bonus program offers new hire pilots up to $150,000 in bonus potential during their Endeavor Air career.

In exchange for a pilot’s talent and experience, Endeavor offers a generous sign-on bonus, recognition of previous 121 time, and retention bonuses throughout their time at the airline. Plus, with Endeavor’s contractual career pathway to the Delta Air Lines flight deck — offered exclusively to Endeavor pilots — there’s never been a better time to fly for Endeavor.

“This package puts our pilot compensation program at the top of the regional industry,” said Jim Graham, Endeavor Air Chief Executive Officer. “The sign-on and retention bonuses are only one part of the story, though. Endeavor offers the fastest path to Delta Air Lines, and we are confident the contractual career pathway to Delta, along with the financial incentives in this package, will help us attract the best candidates, encourage experienced pilots to stay with Endeavor, and ultimately lead our pilots to a successful career at Delta Air Lines.”

The program will offer a sign-on bonus up to $40,000 for pilots with previous Part 121 experience. Endeavor will also provide a longevity pay scale match based on a pilot’s number of completed years at a Part 121 carrier. At the time of Captain upgrade, and in the 24 months following, pilots will be eligible for an additional $110,000 in retention bonuses in exchange for a commitment to remain at Endeavor while they await the time period to advance to Delta.

Captain upgrades for pilots without any prior Part 121 experience are currently projected at 24 months, and pilots are projected to advance to Delta under the Career Advancement Program (CAP) as soon as 24 months after upgrade. 

This temporary program will aim to attract and retain experienced pilots at Endeavor. To learn more and for full eligibility requirements, visit

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