Endeavor League of Frolf

Father & son establish EDV disc golf league to connect with colleagues

What started as a new way to safely connect with others during the pandemic has become a popular pastime for a number of employees in the Endeavor OCC.

The idea of a Frisbee Golf (Frolf) league came to Endeavor Dispatcher Kyle Pieri last summer while on VLOA. Together with his son, Shift Manager Trevor Smith, the pair thought a Frolf league would safely bring coworkers together during a challenging time, and the Endeavor League of Frolf
(ELF) was born.

“We thought it would be fun to be able to get outside at least once a week with friends and coworkers in a relatively safe COVID environment, since it was outside and we could maintain social distancing,” Kyle said.

The inaugural ELF season kicked off in fall 2020 with six teams. By spring, news of the league traveled, growing the field to eight teams. This fall, ELF plans to expand outside of the OCC and invite teams to sign up company-wide.

“We will split into 2 divisions in the fall to make it fun for everyone,” said Kyle. “It is a great way to get outside, exercise, and have a good time.”

Teams consist of 3 members, 2 of which must be Endeavor employees, and ELF travels to a different course each week around the Twin Cities metro area. The teams submit their score for the course, and Kyle tabulates the scores, assigns the points, and updates the standings.

Since the league is still in the infancy stage, Kyle surveys the teams to tweak the rules and find new ways to make it fun and interesting.

“I like the opportunity to get out in the fresh air, gather and compete against others in disc golf,” said Kyle. “I like that we can compete against other teams and [I can] also compete against myself to try and improve.”