Q and A with an Endeavor Pilot Recruiter

Endeavor pilots enjoy fast upgrades, a growing fleet, a great company culture, and a career path to Delta Air Lines through the Delta Guaranteed Interview Program. We sat down with an Endeavor pilot recruiter to learn more about the hiring process, safety protocols, our STEP program, and what it takes to fly for Endeavor.

Q: What are some of the top qualities you look for in a successful pilot candidate?

A: Several of the top qualities we look for in a successful pilot candidate is that they have a friendly, positive attitude and they are a team player. It is crucial that successful candidates also have a solid technical and training background. This includes an individual with flying skills, a safety-oriented mindset and good decision-making abilities.

Q: What does the hiring process look like during the current pandemic?

A:  The hiring process consists of three phases. Phase 1 and 2 of the hiring process will start with a phone interview to review your flying background and a virtual interview, or possibly only a virtual interview. The virtual interview is conducted via Webex with a HR Talent Acquisition Representative and a pilot. They will ask you questions about your flying, work history and education. We have behavioral questions which is followed by the technical portion of the interview. If you pass, you will receive a contingent job offer (CJO) upon a successful logbook review and background check. You will then be invited to Phase 3 in Minneapolis, where a logbook review will be conducted and paperwork will be filled out. The final step includes receiving your CJO letter with your official start date and an ATP/CTP course date, if applicable.

Q: What advice would you give to a candidate as they prepare for their interview?

A: We recommend that candidates study and interview prep. Be prepared to brief an approach and read the weather during your interview. Rehearse questions, make sure your application is complete and accurate with dates – with no typos. Tab your logbooks and make sure you bring all logbooks with your to Phase 3.

Q: How does the Students to Endeavor Pilot (STEP) program engage with students throughout their educational career?

A: Through our STEP program, you have special access to our team through school presentations and activities/events that are on your campus or virtual events. We will help with resume/application review and tips, mock interviews and fun activities. We check your progress and help advise you along your way to becoming an Endeavor Air pilot.

Q: Why should a candidate consider Endeavor over another regional airline?

A: Endeavor is a wonderful place to work – this regional airline feels like a big family. The company really cares about the pilots and takes good care of us. The company culture is great and we have great people who have become friends! – Endeavor pilot.

Q: What safety protocols are in place to protect pilots from COVID-19, both during training and on the job?

A: Endeavor follows guidance by the CDC regarding protection for COVID-19. We update our employees with any new or changing information.

Q: If I am hired, where might I be based? When would I plan to start training? 

A:  Our new hires have been based in Minneapolis (MSP) and Atlanta (ATL), but as the airline continues to grow, new hires may be based at any of our base locations, which ATL, CVG, DTW, LGA, JFK and MSP. We have classes starting every week.

Q: How long does it usually take to hear back after submitting my application and after my interview?

A: As we are currently receiving a high volume of applications, we are working on responding to our applicants as soon as we can. We will notify you when we receive your application and will be in touch within a few weeks. After you have been scheduled for an interview, an applicant can get a CJO as soon as the day of the interview or within 3-5 days.

To learn more and apply to become an Endeavor pilot, click here.