Q&A with a Flight Attendant Recruiter

As the face of Endeavor, our flight attendants deliver safe, consistent, and customer-focused service to the millions of guests we welcome onboard each year. Interested in joining our team as an Endeavor Air flight attendant? We sat down with an Endeavor flight attendant recruiter to learn more about the hiring process, safety protocols, and what it takes to earn your wings.

Q: What do you look for in a successful flight attendant candidate?

A: We look for someone that has customer service experience, has that “can-do” attitude, and a contagious smile. A successful candidate is safety-minded, caring, and empathetic — someone we know will take great care of our customers.

Q: What advice would you give to a candidate as they prepare for their interview?

A: Be yourseIf, and be prepared. I suggest that every candidate do research on Endeavor Air and learn what we are all about. This will help you prepare for your interview, but also help you know whether we are a good fit for you and your career goals.  

Q: What does the hiring process look like during the current pandemic?

A: COVID-19 has required a lot of changes to our recruitment process, and we do just about all of our recruiting virtually. Just like the flight attendants on the job, we need to be flexible and make changes as necessary for the safety of our team and others. Currently, initial interviews are being conducted virtually via WebEx. Successful interview candidates are invited to “Phase 2,” which is the in-person part of the process. We are still making changes to our processes so we can be successful in hiring the best.

Q: Why should a candidate consider Endeavor over another regional airline?

A: If you are looking for a family-oriented company with a great culture, you should consider Endeavor! We treat our employees with dignity and respect; we strive to create an environment where employees are supported and enjoy coming to work. We are also one of the highest-paid regional airlines with an industry-leading contract in terms of compensation, benefits, and work rules.

Q: What safety protocols are in place to protect flight attendants from COVID-19, both during training and on the job?

A: New hires are tested prior to and during flight attendant training. There are also policies in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, including a mask mandate, social distancing, and cleaning protocols at our training facilities. On the job, employees are required to wear a mask while in the airport, on a flight, and to-and-from their hotels. Endeavor also offers free COVID-19 testing at our crew bases, and home test kits are available as well.

Q: If I am hired, where might I be based? When would I plan to start training?

A: We are currently hiring for ATL, DTW, CVG, and MSP bases.  When applying with Endeavor Air, one of our screening questions is, ‘What is your base preference?’ Candidates will select the base they are interested in. Most of the time they will select a base that is close to their residence.  If they are planning on commuting to their base, they would look at a base that has the most flights to and from the closest airport to their home. As for training, once the candidate has received a CJO (Contingent Job Offer), training could be as early as 30 days from the offer.

To learn more and apply to become an Endeavor flight attendant, click here.