Endeavor Voices – What Women’s History Month Means to Us

Women’s History Month is a time to remember and honor the women who have trail blazed the way for all women – no matter the time, place or industry.

Earlier this month, we highlighted several trailblazers who made incredible contributions and achievements in aviation history – including Baroness Raymond de Laroche, Willa Brown Chappell, Katherine Cheung and Phoebe Omlie.  

Our Endeavor employees have come together to express what Women’s History Month means to us and what being a woman in aviation means today. Thank you to all Endeavor people who shared their perspectives and stories – here’s to all the women!

Read below on what Women’s History means to us:

Capt. Pamela Nucifore – Manager, Flight Standards

“Each time I have an “unmanned” crew, I always make sure to include noting it in my “welcome” announcement to the passengers by saying, “Welcome aboard your ‘unmanned’ flight today!” It’s amazing how many people, when deplaning, stop by the flight deck to say, “I’ve never seen a female pilot!” or “I’ve never had a ‘girl crew’ before!” or “Girl Power!” You’d be surprised how many people will ask to take a photo of us as a “female pilot crew,” too – and most of these times, it’s parents with children, or parents who tell us they want to show their daughters at home. As a woman in aviation, I’m so glad to be able to show the next generation of girls what they can achieve, too.”

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.” – Sheryl Sandberg

Rehan Rashid Chief Pilot, ATL

“This month we commemorate Women’s History Month. As the newest member of the Atlanta based Flight Operations and In-Flight team, I am fortunate to have a strong team of inspirational women who provide depth to our diverse group. Throughout my life, I have been positively influenced by amazing women who have played a leading role and/or a supporting role for me. Above all, there is one person that truly sets the bar high – that is my mother, Husna!

My mother and father migrated to the U.S. one year after their marriage and with just $200 in their pocket, they set off on an adventure of a lifetime. Little did they know, the path would be full of unexpected challenges. However, through all the ups and downs, my mother has been the glue that kept the family together.

She instilled in us the value of education, manners and etiquette, and humility from a very young age. Throughout her life, she has had to adapt and overcome obstacles. She has the heart of a lion. She fiercely loves and she has the tenderness that only a mother can have. She is loyal and devoted to her family. She is a goal oriented and a career driven Wonder Woman. It is her drive, her willingness to rise when faced with adversity, and her can do attitude that I draw my strength from. There are not enough words to truly appreciate and honor the woman who is selfless and a source of inspiration for our family.”

Charlie Coppenger – FO, CRJ-900

“To me, being a woman in aviation means more than just flying an airplane. I have been given a unique opportunity to inspire young girls that they can follow their dreams, no matter what that dream may be. When a young girl sees a female pilot, she thinks ‘I can do that, too’ which may have never been in her realm of possibility. This is the best career on Earth, and I am excited that I get to represent the 6% of female pilots who might inspire the next generation of aviators.”

Stef Collazos – Supervisor, MX, LGA

“Women’s History Month is a time to remember how hard my predecessor worked how much they endured so that today I have the change to be a woman in the aviation industry. I strive to honor them by been a good example for the next generation of women to come in to the industry.”