Service Spotlight: Endeavor Pilot Donates Free Meals to Hospitals and First Responders

From the moment he was born, Endeavor Captain Akram Nassir’s life has always revolved around food. Akram grew up in the restaurant industry, as his father was a well-known chef and restaurant owner.

In addition to his job as an Endeavor pilot, Akram currently owns three restaurants in New York, including Yemen Café, which his father opened in 1986.

As the COVID-19 situation began to escalate, Akram was flying medical supplies, medical personnel and military officers from city to city with Endeavor. At the end of Akram’s last flight, he knew he had to do something to continue giving back.

“It felt good to know that we were a part of something that was greater than what we were doing,” said Akram. “I said to myself, what’s the best way I know to help and to give back to the first responders and people on the frontlines in our community? There’s nothing better than food, and I knew I could do something with it.”

Akram’s cooking skills soon became an expression of gratitude.

Starting on March 31, Akram opened up Yemen Café solely for the purpose of donating meals. He contacted the Director of NYU Langone Hospital – where Akram was born – and told them his plan. They were thrilled to have someone generously give their time, effort and food to their staff.

Word quickly spread of Akram’s good deeds. Doctors and nurses reached out and asked if he could spare some free meals for their own hospitals.

With open arms, Akram quickly granted their wish. “Everyone who sent me a message, I never let them ask twice.”

Along with his son and several of his Yemen Café employees, Akram has been cooking, preparing and delivering about 350 orders per day – more than 2,450 meals per week. He has expanded his donations to over 18 hospitals and 20 Police and Fire Departments in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island and the Bronx.  Akram’s free meals consists of Yemen Café’s specialty dishes: roasted chicken with basmati rice, chicken glaba with Yemen spices, and a vegetarian dish with basmati rice.

Akram has also donated food supplies to local neighborhoods in need.

“I felt this would be a way to ease off their work load, and show our appreciation for all they’re doing.”

If you would like to help Akram and his team, donate here.