Service Spotlight: Endeavor Pilot Supports Medical Workers with Much-Needed Supplies

Finding ways to help our communities in these times of uncertainty and social distancing can be a challenge. For Stephen Schuenhoff, an Endeavor CRJ-900 Captain based out of Detroit, giving back meant taking up a new hobby, and discovering a community of volunteers who found a way to fulfill an important need – with 3D printing.

“A few weeks ago we bought our first 3D printer,” said Schuenhoff. “When I started joining online printing groups, I quickly learned there was a huge community of 3D printer owners printing medical supplies to help with the current pandemic.”

After talking to friend in the medical field, Captain Schuenhoff discovered a great need for “ear savers,” straps that help protect the ears for workers who are required to wear masks all day. Schuenhoff and his family got to work.

“We quickly found several styles that have been clinically approved by the NIH [National Institutes of Health] and set out printing,” said Schuenhoff. “We have been running our printer 12+ hours a day since then.”

To make his straps even more special, Schuenhoff is customizing them with initials, quotes, and even favorite Bible verses. Although he has lost count of how many they have produced, it has been a meaningful and rewarding project for the whole family.

“We are really enjoying being able to provide something useful to all the great people helping keep us safe these days,” said Schuenhoff.