Seizing the Summer: Endeavor’s Summer Interns Took Advantage of Their Opportunity to Travel the World

As our 8 summer interns wrapped up their time at Endeavor, we checked in to see how they have been using their travel benefits. With only 3 months to fly non-rev, these interns took full advantage of their opportunity to see what the world has to offer.

Maria Graves, HR Intern

Where was your destination and why did you choose it?Picture7

Nashville, Tennessee—I was originally planning on going to Denver, but all the flights filled up. My sister had always wanted to go to Nashville and we were already packed and at the airport, so we decided to go for it since the flights looked good. We just booked an Airbnb once we got on the plane!

How did having these travel benefits only for a limited period of time affect how you used them?Picture6

The one weekend I had free I took the opportunity to go travel— it was way more spontaneous than I would normally have been & Nashville was a bigger trip than I was planning on, but since I only have this summer to fly for free, I had to just do it!

Eric Ruzicka, Ground Ops Intern

Where was your destination and why did you choose it?Picture9

California— I flew into San Francisco but went to Sacramento to visit my friend at his Air Force base.

What were your favorite memories or activities from your trip?

We went kayaking and fishing in the river which was a lot of fun, and we also got a tour of their Air Force hangars, which was really cool to see.

Liam Weier, Flight Ops Intern

Where was your destination(s) and why did you choose it?Picture1

Since this is my second summer as an Endeavor intern, I’ve had a chance to travel a bit more. To list a few, I’ve been to Texas, New York a few times, San Francisco, Grand Forks, Fargo, Charlotte, and Hilton Head/Savannah. My favorite trip was definitely Hilton Head; I just sat on the beach and read the newspaper, which was very relaxing.

Picture2Are there any tips you have for those who have never traveled
non-rev before?

I would say don’t be afraid to just show up to the  airport,  pick a place,
and go —but be ready to go somewhere else!

BJ Moncrieff, OCC Intern

Where was your destination(s) and why did you choose it?Picture3

My first time flying standby I just took a day trip to Washington, DC. Next I flew to Nashville, TN because 2 of my favorite podcasts were performing, and I had never really been down south. I also took a family trip to Seattle and did some sightseeing, and another  weekend I flew into Orlando, FL to visit a friend and to help out with dispatch recruitment. Lastly, I went to Amsterdam— I really wanted to go international, and I even got to fly Delta One on my way back.

Picture4What was your favorite memory or activity?

One of my favorite parts about flying non-rev is sitting on the plane and thinking about how much my flight would cost if I wasn’t lucky enough to be an intern at Endeavor this summer. I also love the thrill of flying standby and the satisfaction you get when you actually get a seat on the plane— I’m going to miss that.