Divine Delivery: Endeavor Air Captain Ships Lost Bible Back to Customer

Leaving something behind on a plane brings the feeling of hopelessness of not knowing if it will ever be seen again. It can cause panic or prayer, depending on your disposition. For a customer on board a recent Endeavor Air flight, the loss of a well-worn, leather-bound Bible triggered this reaction.

The Holy Book was originally left on a flight from Tennessee to Boston by a customer who was bound for Europe. His Bible would continue on a whirlwind adventure of its own across the United States, ultimately landing in Minneapolis where it was discovered and dropped in a lost and found box inside Endeavor’s crew room.

On a recent three-hour break between flights, Captain Lloyd Pugh was in the crew room and noticed the dusty glean of the book, picking it up to see what it was. Running his hands over the tattered pages, Lloyd felt compelled to investigate further. On the inside of the front cover he found contact information for the owner. Lloyd contacted him, a gentleman by the name of Ivan. Ivan was delighted to learn that his Bible had been discovered and was no longer lost.

Ivan told Lloyd that upon arriving in Boston more than a month earlier, in his haste to catch his international connection he must have forgotten about the book. He was unaware of the book’s absence the entire ride across the ocean, only to find it missing upon landing on foreign soil. As for how the Bible got to Minnesota, Lloyd explained that the book likely landed in the hands of a fellow Endeavor crew member, who brought it to Minnesota for safe-keeping.

“The pages were well-read, that was for sure,” Lloyd said. “Many of them were taped in place and were worn; it was obvious how important this Bible was to him.”

Whether it was divine intervention, or destined timing, the Bible’s month-long journey ended earlier this week. Lloyd assured Ivan that the book would be kept safe and he packed up the Bible in his jacket pocket, where it rode along with him as he completed his multi-day trip across the country on eight different flights across five states and two time zones. As soon as he returned home to Atlanta, Lloyd packaged up the book and shipped it back to Ivan. Upon reuniting with his long-lost Bible, Ivan tweeted his gratitude.

“When I talked to Ivan, he expressed how excited he was that I found the Bible,” Lloyd noted.

“I reckon he never thought he’d see it again. I felt like there was a reason I was put in that situation, to find that Bible and to get it back to its owner. Sometimes going out your way a little bit can mean a lot to someone in need.”