Endeavor Technician Recognized for Vigilance at DTW Airport

In the early morning hours of May 20, as Endeavor Air’s Detroit maintenance operations were ramping up for its first round of flights for the day, Mike Koss, Lead AMT, walked into the supervisor’s office with an individual who had scaled over a security fence east of the airline’s hangar. Thanks to Mike’s quick recognition and response to the intruder, a potential threat was averted and the individual was taken into custody.

On Monday, Mike Koss was recognized by members of the DTW Airport Security Force for his outstanding act of vigilance and diligence in promoting and supporting airport security. It was noted that, upon reviewing security camera footage, Mike tracked down and challenged the individual in just 70 seconds after he illegally entered airport property.

mike koss 2

Mike Koss is presented a Certificate of Appreciation from DTW Airport Security.

“Mike’s instincts of recognizing that this individual wasn’t authorized to be on property and rightly challenging him was exactly what we train our SIDA-authorized employees to do,” noted Joe Miller, Chief Operating Officer, Endeavor Air. “We’re thankful that Mike took action to protect his colleagues, our property, and the airport.”