LOSA Program Gives Extra Eyes in the Sky to Assist Endeavor Operations

Airlines capture daily operational data in many ways. Endeavor captures enormous amounts of data ranging from operational metrics to measure performance, to FOQA data to understand the health of a fleet, to ASAP data collected by crew members to document opportunities for safety improvement. Data is the driver that helps deliver success. Starting this month, the Endeavor Safety department will be gathering new data points aimed at improving the overall safety of Endeavor from inside the flight deck.

“This new program offers a different perspective from other Voluntary Safety Programs,” said Jim Henneman, Manager, Safety. “LOSA will give us insight into areas that may need enhancement, areas like Threat and Error Management and Crew Resource Management, by helping us identify risks we may not have seen before.”

LOSA Pilots Ready for Action

The first class of Endeavor Air LOSA Pilots wrap up training in Minneapolis

As a collaborative program between Endeavor and ALPA, Line Operations Safety Audits – LOSA – started in early October. The LOSA Program will allow the company to gain data from regular operational flights within the line operation through flight deck audits, or observations, by designated company line pilots.

Endeavor is using 10 LOSA pilots to observe flights through the end of December. There are no defined schedules or route pairings for the observers, rather the LOSA Program aims to gather de-identified observation data on a representative sample of all types of flying at Endeavor – day and night, Continuous Duty Overnights, week days and weekends.

Collectively, Henneman says, the program aims to build off of existing safety programs. Adding another data source to collect and analyze will make Endeavor an even better place to work for our crew members and ultimately create a safer operation for our employees and customers.

“The LOSA observers are committed to enhancing the safety of our operations” Henneman added. “We hope this is a positive experience for everyone involved.”