Travel Corner: An Egyptian Excursion

What is on your ‘Bucket List’? For Bryan Kobos, Manager, Security and Environmental Compliance, the allure of Egypt’s history, culture, and landscape put the destination on his wish list many years ago. From the pyramids to the Red Sea, the ‘living museum’ of Egypt made for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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What was your destination and why did you choose it?
Egypt. This has been on the bucket list for many years. I have always been fascinated by the culture, the Pharos, the Kings, and how advanced the civilization is. Egypt really is a living museum where to this day you can still see sights that were built over 5,000 years ago.   It truly is the country where it all began. The Egyptian government has worked extremely hard to protect tourists both on land, sea, and bus. Traveling to Egypt will always carry risk; however, now is a fairly stable time.  The country needs tourism.  The Egyptian pound is weak, so your money will go very far.

What route did you take to get there?
Delta to Paris and a ZED on Air France directly into Cairo. For those who want to go direct, EgyptAir offers a direct flight from JFK. However, you would need to purchase a full-fare ticket since they are no longer in our ZED program. There are many ways to Cairo through Air France, Alitalia, Turkish Air. All of these airlines offer a ZED.

Where did you stay while you were there?
We stayed at the Le Meridian in Cairo overlooking the Pyramids. We also went to Sharm-El Sheikh which is on the Red Sea, and there are many hotels to choose from. You can snorkel or dive in Sharm.

What was your favorite memory or activity?
The best thing about Egypt, of course, is the history. Seeing the pyramids, and literally touching them, is pretty amazing.  The people in Egypt are wonderful and have a good grasp of the English language.

Do you have any tips or helpful hints?
Egypt is not for a first-time traveler. You should hire a guide to assist you through the city.  In addition, women should not travel alone.  It is important to respect their culture, understand their customs and their justice system. Keep in mind things are very different: Sanitation is not the greatest, and there is no clean drinking water. There is an American Embassy in Cairo should you need assistance.

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