Like Father, Like Son: Affinity for Aviation Opens Door to Volunteer Opportunities

Like most hobbies, Jon Frederickson’s affinity for aviation began by following in the footsteps of his father, Greg. As a child growing up just 20 minutes north of Oshkosh, Wisc., the annual gathering of flying fanatics meant a short road trip for father and son. Five years ago, the senior Frederickson offered up the idea of camping out to gain a new perspective on the unique week-long experience. The two tried it, liked it, and vowed to find a way to enhance their AirVenture experience even more in 2017.


The Frederickson’s enjoyed volunteering in “Warbird Alley” at EAA AirVenture

For the first time this past week, Greg and Jon volunteered their time in exchange for getting up close and personal with show attendees. Their assignment? Working security at Warbird Alley. On Day One, organizers needed volunteers to assist with marshalling traffic on the ground. Asking for anyone with previous experience, Jon raised his hand and said he worked for Endeavor Air. His career as a security guard was over just like that.

“I was able to help guide in some pretty incredible aircraft,” noted Jon Frederickson, Manager, Maintenance Standards. “My favorite part was leading in the B-25 bombers.”

While father was keeping admirers behind the flight line, son was busy moving metal to their resting spots for the week. While the two weren’t able to volunteer side-by-side, the ambiance of being among these vintage aircraft was enough to bring them closer together.

“This week is special for my dad and I,” concluded Jon. “We’ve been coming here as long as I can remember, and next year, we plan to bring my own son here. Oshkosh is a special place, and I couldn’t think of a better person to be here with than my dad.”

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