Endeavor Leaders Serve Up Platefuls of Gratitude During BBQ&A Visits

Industry analysts, journalists, and aviation enthusiasts often ask Endeavor leaders: “What’s the secret sauce to your success?” Without question, the key ingredient to Endeavor’s recipe for success is one thing—its people. Over the past two weeks, members of the senior leadership team have journeyed out to visit with employees and crew members in multiple locations, serving up platefuls of appreciation and saying ‘thank you’ for a great start to 2017.

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Ryan Gumm, John Daly, and nearly a dozen senior leadership kicked off the BBQ&A summer tour by visiting with DTW Tech Ops, Flight Ops, and Inflight employees with fresh barbecue—as well as healthy options—and conversations covering a wide range of topics. The theme this year? “Celebrating our Secret Sauce

“We really enjoy getting out to visit with you guys,” Ryan told the team in DTW. “We hope you can get a feel for how much we appreciate what you’re doing each and every day. We’re here to hear from you.”

Additional BBQ&A events are scheduled for MSP, CVG, IND, and ATL for later this summer.