Connect, Engage, Inspire: Conference Celebrates Women in Aviation

In the shadow of Walt Disney World, sunny Buena Vista, Florida, set the scene for the 28th Annual Women in Aviation International (WAI) Conference on March 2-5.

Endeavor was proud to support this year’s event as a Bronze Eagle Sponsor. Endeavor employees representing Flight Ops, Tech Ops, and Corporate attended this year’s conference, staffing Endeavor’s exhibitor booth and partaking in networking and professional development opportunities.

“Growing up, I didn’t have this kind of organization, these support groups that I could turn to for guidance and mentorship, so I wanted to be a part of it and help out in any way I can,” said FO Jenifier Nam, WAI member since 2012, who is also a mentor for Endeavor’s New Hire Mentor Program “This is a great opportunity to make new friends and help young women to know that it is a good career option and that there is a group of aviation professionals here to guide and support them.”

From aspiring pilots to seasoned mechanics, flight school administrators to airline representatives, job-seekers to experienced professionals, an estimated 4,500 attendees from around the world gathered at this year’s WAI conference. Through keynote speakers, education sessions, and networking events, attendees were inspired as they connected with others who share their passion for aviation.

According to the FAA, women make up just 7% of pilots and flight students, 2.5% of mechanics, and 19% of dispatchers. Through conferences, Girls in Aviation celebrations, and other events throughout the year, WAI aims to educate, engage, and inspire women to explore the industry and take their aviation careers to new heights.

“It’s a tough field for a woman, because people don’t always associate the word ‘pilot’ with ‘woman,’” said CA Jessica Wolcott, who has been a WAI member for more than six years. “As a woman Pilot, I’m able to show everyone, kids as well as adults, that when you dream hard and you work hard, it can happen— and this is what Women in Aviation is all about.”

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