Peach of an Announcement: Endeavor to Open Atlanta CRJ-200 Base

It’s official – Endeavor is opening an Atlanta crew and maintenance base.

In a memo and video message sent to employees Wednesday morning, Ryan Gumm broke the news that Endeavor is opening its fifth crew domicile and tenth line maintenance facility in the backyard of its mainline partner, Delta Air Lines. This base will grow to host at least 17 lines of CRJ-200 flying, with nearly 200 pilots, 100 flight attendants, and close to 60 maintenance team members required to spool up operations in the southeast.


This growth in Atlanta means Endeavor will provide valuable lift in Delta’s hometown, servicing customers in one of the most heavily traversed airports in the world. It also opens up opportunities to operate into markets Endeavor hasn’t served consistently in more than three years.

“This new base is great news for our employees,” said John Daly, Chief Operating Officer. “Many of our crew members live and work in the southeastern part of the country, so they know this market and all that is required to be successful there. This a great acknowledgement of our efforts and commitment to delivering excellent service to our customers.”

Endeavor anticipates this new base coming online in early June 2017.