View from the Top: Endeavor Pilot Vacations ‘Above the Clouds’

Choosing a vacation destination can be a tough decision. For JFK Captain Sery Crosby, a ski trip in the Alps promised incredible views – and the benefit of three alpine countries to explore.

What was your destination and why did you choose it?
I chose Chamonix in the French Alps for skiing as it gave us the ability to ski in either Switzerland, France, or Italy, as we were on all three borders.

What route did you take to get there?
I nonrevved from ATL-CDG, then flew from CDG-LYS (Lyon) on an Air France Zed fare. The Zed was 78 Euros round trip. Where did you stay while you were there? Initially I stayed with some friends in Lyon for a day to explore. Then we drove to Chamonix and stayed at the Pointe Isabelle Hotel.

What was your favorite memory or activity?
A highlight was taking the Mont Blonc tunnel and driving through to Italy for a day of skiing, then having lunch overlooking the alpine views.

Do you have any helpful tips you’d like to share?
I had the help of a friend’s car; otherwise, if you were to fly to Geneva, you could catch the numerous shuttle busses up to the French ski resort. Shuttles cost approximately 50 Euros.