Making Marriage ‘Work’: Initial Pairing Leads to Happily Ever After for Two Endeavor Pilots

As a commercial pilot, the people flying up with you can change on a daily basis. For Morgan and Tad VanZile, a trip in July of 2008 created a life-changing pairing that both hadn’t expected. At the time, both pilots were in relationships outside of work. It wasn’t until more than a year later that their professional relationship turned personal.

“We always tell people the record was set straight on our very first meeting,” said Morgan. “I told him that he may have been the Captain, but I was still the boss. We began dating the next year, and fast forward to today, we’ve been married four years and have a daughter together.”

Both Tad and Morgan say they love flying together. Knowing that person sitting next to you is definitely an advantage, the two agreed, and they’re able to keep things professional in the flight deck because of their respect for their roles as Endeavor pilots.

“Thank goodness for Standard Operating Procedures,” added Tad. “We have great discussions in the flight deck, bouncing thoughts off of each other, using our resources and experiences to come to conclusions or explanations when we fly together.”

When asked what tips both pilots would offer other couples considering working together, Morgan said that communication is a miracle worker in blending personal and professional relationships; Tad added that “trust is a must” when it comes to working together. The VanZ

iles also added that knowing what’s expected on the line is crucial in making things work on and off the job.

“Flexibility of schedules and understanding the job requirements is key,” Morgan said. “We try not to ‘talk shop’ often, but it definitely makes communicating about work-related issues easier.”

So between the two, who’s the better pilot? “He is,” Morgan responded. “She is,” concluded Tad. The one thing they can both agree on? “The right person is not someone you can live with, but someone you cannot live without.”