Making Marriage ‘Work’: Laughter is Their Secret Sauce

For Ron and Kari Lagace, the airline business was what brought them together, and it’s what keeps them together after 13 years of marriage. Having met while working for a small destination airline in Florida, Team Lagace began with perseverance – and perhaps some persistence.

“He wouldn’t leave me alone,” Kari recalls of their initial courtship. “He just always happened to show up at the coffee machine every time I was there.”

“I knew she was different than most women I’d met,” Ron added. “She had the same love for aviation that I had. We had gone to dinner a few times, but we spent our first Thanksgiving together on a beach, along a pier, and that was it.”

While the two both work in maintenance at Endeavor, they are hardly a high maintenance couple. After a recent move from New York to the headquarters in Minneapolis, the two enjoy their time together commuting to the office. They say laughing – often – is what keeps them moving, and being with a partner who understands the industry makes all the difference.

“You don’t understand this industry until you live it,” said Ron. “Kari knows aviation is everything I am; it’s what we do.”

“People joke around and ask us if we read the GMM together,” Kari added. “But this is our life, and we give it all we’ve got.”