Endeavor Employees Deliver Relief Supplies to Florida

What’s the secret sauce of Endeavor’s success? It’s our people. They do things like this at a moment’s notice:

Hurricane Relief_2.jpg

Endeavor employees deliverĀ suppliesĀ to help with hurricane relief efforts in Tampa

On Friday night, Endeavor employees learned of an airplane being flown to Tampa for an interior upgrade project. The Captain on the flight called another employee at the Endeavor headquarters to see if he could fly supplies down to help residents impacted by Hurricane Matthew. After a few phone calls and emails, the Dispatch Team granted the approval to fly donated water, diapers, toiletries, and other supplies aboard the flight, with the goal of donating the goods to the Florida Red Cross.

A short 36 hours later, a group of six Endeavor employees were loading up a CRJ-900 with dozens of donated goods. When the flight landed in Tampa, the employees unloaded the supplies and prepared them for pickup. 30 minutes later, the Captain and the employees climbed aboard another plane that had finished its interior upgrade earlier that day and flew back to Minneapolis.

Making a difference for those in need was all in a day’s work for Endeavor employees. #EndeavorDelivers