‘Flagship’ Setting Sail, ‘Endeavor’ Call Sign Set to Launch October 27

bumper sticker HD no bases.pngIt is official – the new Endeavor / EDV call sign will officially launch on October 27. With the change, Endeavor’s long standing “Flagship / FLG” call sign will be retired. This important step in the company’s future solidifies a brand identifier that allows Endeavor to standout in the crowded airspace the company flies through.

The team leading the charge to make the call sign change has been meeting for the past few weeks to ensure all requisite documents are filed with the FAA, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO ), and NAV CANADA, Canada’s equivalent of the FAA.

“We’ve been planning this call sign change for more than a year,” noted Russ Elander, VP of Flight Operations. “To finally have a targeted date is exciting and something we can all take pride in. We truly are one airline now, and this further reinforces that.”