Love is Taking Flight at Endeavor Air

Two Endeavor pilots recently tied the knot and honeymooned in New Zealand

Wearing the Endeavor uniform, holding hands and grinning at each other, Caten and Kyle Hulcher’s love for each other can be spotted from 30,000 feet in the air.

After four years of dating, Kyle and Caten tied the knot in November 2022.

Kyle began flying with Endeavor in September 2019 and Caten followed in December 2021. Caten was motivated to come to Endeavor because of her husband.

“It was a huge factor,” Caten said. “We also had other friends at Endeavor, and everyone just said how amazing it was and I saw how much Kyle enjoyed working here.”

Kyle is a Captain now and Caten is a First Officer, and the newlyweds have been able to fly together. They spend half their time in sunny Florida where they live, and the other half in New York, where they are both based.

“We met at ATP Flight School in Jacksonville. I was walking by a classroom and saw Kyle in there singing ‘Africa’ by Toto and wearing his fancy cowboy boots,” Caten said. 

“To be fair, I was singing before I knew she was there,” Kyle said laughing. “I remember doing a double take when she walked by. She was all put together with her blue jean jacket, red bow and killer red lipstick. I tried to think of how to organically strike up a conversation with her.” 

Caten and Kyle went rock climbing for their first date in 2018, and quickly fell in love. The couple soon started talking about marriage, and when Caten finished up her First Officer training at Endeavor in 2021, they decided to take a vacation in Hawaii.

Caten was immediately suspicious that Kyle was planning to propose. But, after a few days in Hawaii, her suspicions began to fade. Later that week and similar to their first date, the couple took a climb together. It was there, in the heights, that they took their next steps as a couple.

Kyle had planned a hike at the Koko Head on their last day in Oahu to pop the question.

“It’s not really a hike, it’s more just like a stair master in Hawaii, and it’s in a World War II bunker. We were very much sweating, but when we got up to the top, the view was breathtaking and the sun was rising,” Kyle said.

“It was really cute and very romantic. We got to the top and Kyle insisted that the view was even better a little further up,” Caten said. “Kyle proposed and I obviously said yes.”

The Endeavor pilots were initially planning on having a destination wedding, but instead decided to elope in their hometown of Jacksonville. The two tied the knot in the courthouse and celebrated with their family afterward.

“Eloping has always been in my family,” Caten said. “We’re really big on experiences, so we decided to have our honeymoon in New Zealand and make that trip even more special.”

“Technically we still eloped in Florida through the state rules, but we like to say we eloped in New Zealand because the next morning we were off on a plane,” Kyle said. 

“Since we’re both pilots, I thought it would be really special if we went in our uniforms. I feel like not a lot of people get the chance to do that, and it would be cool for our kids to see someday,” Caten said.

“And Caten looks outstanding in that uniform, might I add,” Kyle said, grinning.

When asked about their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, the two grinned and looked at each other and said, “Should we share?”

 “Well actually, I just found out that I’m pregnant,” Caten said, smiling. “So, it probably won’t be the traditional date thing this year, but we’ll probably celebrate by reading through all the different pregnancy books.”

On a typical day, you can find the couple out on the beach in Jacksonville. They like to do everything under the sun including surfing, rock climbing and playing spike ball.

“But obviously, our favorite thing to do together is to fly – either for work or for fun,” Caten said. “Kyle has a plane, and we like to fly over the beach. There’s something called the river run and you literally just fly right by downtown, which is cool. We always end the flight with circling our parents and see them waving at us.”

Their love for each other is so visibly authentic.

“He always makes me laugh – it’s definitely my favorite thing. And his singing,” Caten adds.

“Not to get sappy, but I can’t really pick just one thing,” Kyle said. “I love to see sides of her that she is unwilling to show anybody else, and it’s very vulnerable and it’s very sweet. I think it’s also really cool that we’re both representing the Endeavor and Delta brand, which I think we both take very seriously. But we also get to have really awesome, intimate, fun but professional relationship.”

“We hope this encourages others to want to not only be pilots, but see that relationships can work even with crazy schedules,” Caten said.