Family Ties in the Skies

Endeavor’s family-like culture takes on new meaning for three flight attendants

“We as flight attendants have the responsibility to reunite families, and this new opportunity has given me more time to spend with my own family,” said LGA Endeavor flight attendant Laura De Jesus Rivera. “It’s like we’re being reunited with each other!”

Endeavor has a family-like culture, and what makes that environment even stronger is having your own family ties in the skies.

Two sisters and their cousin are now coworkers, all three serving as Endeavor Air flight attendants. ATL-based flight attendant Ivette Rosado has been at Endeavor for 6 years, her sister Lourdes Rosado has been at Endeavor for three years, and Laura De Jesus Rivera joined the Endeavor family and earned her wings about 3 months ago.

The airline industry runs deep in the family’s blood, as several of their cousins, in-laws and children are also flight attendants at other airlines. Ivette was the first to fly in the skies for Delta’s wholly-owned subsidiary.

“I’ve always had a love for aviation, and it seemed like something that would be amazing.,” said Ivette. “The idea of talking to people from so many different cultures and getting the chance to travel the country still makes me excited to this day.”

As Ivette began her journey with Endeavor, her sister soon followed – Lourdes applied for the position three years later.

“I never even told my sister I was going to the flight attendant training class,” Lourdes laughed. “I was originally going to help my daughter with her new baby, but she didn’t need my help anymore, so I took a chance and switched careers.”

On the contrary, Laura was given a gentle nudge by her cousin to work in an office in the sky. Lourdes flew down to Puerto Rico to speak with Laura face-to-face and convinced her to make her next big move.

“I worked a lot of office jobs in the past, so this was a new adventure for me. I was hooked!” Laura said. “Everyone I have met has that spark to be a flight attendant – it makes me excited for the future.”

The Rosado sister duo debuted their first flight together this past summer and had fun seeing reactions from their pilots and customers during their memorable three-day trip. As flight attendant veterans, Ivette and Lourdes reflect on other memorable flights, as some stick out more than others.

Over the past six years, Ivette has spent many hours with different family situations onboard – some visiting a distant relative, some visiting their child in college or some going on a vacation for the first time in years. But there was one flight that especially touched Ivette’s heart.

“A mother came onboard in a wheelchair and was seated all the way in the back with her daughter. I bumped them up to First Class and treated them with all the goodies,” Ivette said. “Little did I know they had just come in from a funeral for their husband and dad.”

“It was almost like a blessing. They wrote a beautiful note thanking me and how happy they were with Delta. Moments like that make me value this job and my own family.”

Lourdes loves turning any bad situation into a better one. Not too long ago, there was a 10-year-old girl on her flight seated in the back of the aircraft. Lourdes made it her mission to make a difference for her and her family during their two hours together.

“This girl said it was the worst day of her life since she was in the back, and it wasn’t allowing mom and dad to enjoy their flight. I took her under my wing, and she passed out pretzels,” Lourdes said.

“At the end, I let her make an announcement. She said her name, welcomed passengers to the new city and thanked them for flying Delta. It was pretty sweet – her entire family was in a better mood and thoroughly enjoyed their flight.”