So You’ve Been Invited to a Flight Attendant Hiring Event

Candidates must apply to the flight attendant position in order to be invited to a hiring event

The process of earning your wings as an Endeavor flight attendant takes time, hard work and dedication. Endeavor flight attendants exude integrity and excellence in service to ensure customer satisfaction and create memorable moments for every customer, every day, on every flight. Before you attend a hiring event, make sure you are aware of what the entire process entails.

Our flight attendant candidates are typically invited to attend events located near our crew bases in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Minneapolis and New York. Once you arrive to the event, make sure you check in and read through the flight attendant booklet handed to you. Come prepared with any questions you have for the recruitment or Inflight team.


When your name is called, you will be asked to demonstrate if you meet the minimum requirements. These include:

  • Height – You will be asked to stand against the wall to ensure your height does not exceed 5’10 ½” when measured without shoes.
  • Reach – You must be able to reach above the ‘reach line ’measured at 76’ to ensure you are able to reach emergency equipment and perform the FA duties.
  • Jump seat – You will be asked to sit in a FA JS. You must meet standard for aircraft jump seat dimensions in accordance with company Safety Regulations: Jump seat is 21 inches wide.
  • Tattoo policy –Recruiters will ask if you have any tattoos below your wrist bone, hands or fingers to ensure you meet the tattoo policy.  If you have any tattoos on your wrist, hands or fingers recruiters will ask to see them.
  • Vaccination – you must be fully vaccinated before your training start date.


Once you complete the minimum requirements, you will be asked to read a Take Off announcement. Make sure to read the announcement with enthusiasm and a clear, strong voice.


The next step during the Stage 1 event is providing 2 forms of government issued identification, such as your valid passport, driver’s license, and or birth certificate. The recruiter will then scan your fingerprints and snap your head shot for future uses.


Successful candidates that pass the minimum requirements, may be asked to move forward. The Endeavor recruitment team will reach out to you within 2-5 business days. Candidates that move forward in the hiring process, will be invited by email to complete a 30-minute virtual interview with HR & Inflight Management. The virtual interview is a professional interview so be sure to wear business formal attire and come prepared with questions.

Have more questions? Reach out to the Flight Attendant Recruitment Team:

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