5 Things to Know About Becoming an Endeavor Flight Attendant

We are hiring Endeavor Air flight attendants at our Minneapolis Base and are looking for individuals who love to travel, prioritize safety, and assist others.

Endeavor flight attendants exude integrity and excellence in service to ensure customer satisfaction and create memorable moments for every customer, every day, on every flight. Before applying, here are five things to know about becoming an Endeavor Air flight attendant.

1. Handle a variety of situations

Ensuring the safety of our customers and maintaining a positive, friendly attitude is key to creating an exceptional experience for all. While encountering many instances, it is important to uphold service-oriented professionalism at Endeavor. Instances may include exposure to animals, peanuts, latex gloves, perfume and alcohol.

2. Fit all requirements

Flight attendants must be at least 21 years of age and have authorization to work in the U.S. In order to follow FAA safety regulations, you cannot be taller than 5’10”5 when measured without shoes and must fit within the dimensions of the aircraft jump seat, 21 inches wide.

3. Earn Top tier regional industry pay and benefits

When calculating hourly pay, per diem, vacation/sick accruals, and other work rules, Endeavor flight attendants enjoy one of the top tier compensation package in the regional industry. Our compensation package also includes Delta travel benefits.

4. Flexible in your schedule

New flight attendants undergo Initial Ground School in order to earn their wings. This includes a vigorous 4-week program at the Endeavor Air Training Center. Once you start flying, the ability to work a flexible schedule that includes nights, weekends and holidays is required.

5. Love to travel and own a valid passport

Your office is in the sky. Flying to and from U.S. and international cities is important to the job, and flight attendants must own a valid passport.

Join our team of flight attendants in MSP and apply now!

To learn more about becoming an Endeavor flight attendant, click here.