Tech Ops Introduces AMT Pathway Program

New program will offer qualified technicians an exclusive career pathway to Delta Air Lines

Endeavor technicians now have an exclusive career pathway to Delta Air Lines through the new Regional Pathway Employee (RPE) Program.

Qualifying technicians can secure an interview spot at Delta Air Lines ahead of thousands of off-the-street candidates for jobs as an Aircraft Support Mechanic (ASM) or Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT).

Each month, the names of eligible Endeavor technicians will be submitted to Delta to interview for available ASM or AMT positions.

At the time a technician’s name is submitted, he or she must have a valid A&P license, must have served a minimum of 18 months at Endeavor, and must have a positive employment record, with no active discipline and no more than 12 attendance points. Technicians must also commit to completing at least 24 months as an Endeavor AMT.

“For Tech Ops AMTs who want to move to mainline, this is a great program for reaching those goals. This opportunity is available only to Endeavor AMTs – no other airline offers a  pathway to Delta Air Lines,” said Bill Donohue, VP, Technical Operations. “We want to help prepare you for moving to Delta Air Lines, if that is where you want to take your career.”