The Faces of Movember: Endeavor Employees Strive to Change the Face of Men’s Health

During the month of November, dozens of Endeavor employees put down their razors and raised up their faces to serve as canvases for conversation around men’s health.

Movember – a global campaign aimed at raising awareness for testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health – inspires men to forgo the daily task of shaving in favor of growing facial hair. The ensuing results served as follicular fodder for starting the oftentimes difficult task of talking to a doctor, friend, or relative about their health.

Movember Poster

“Men don’t have any trouble talking about sports, the weather, a new restaurant across town,” said Dave Sniadak, Manager, Corporate Communications at Endeavor Air. “But when it comes to their health, they’d rather tough it out than talk to someone about it. By sporting these mustaches and beards, we’re telling people that it’s okay to open up and start that tough conversation. We’re listening.”

Whether sporting a full beard, or Fu Manchu ‘stache, the results at Endeavor were varied and vast. Thank you to all the men of Endeavor who raised awareness for the cause, and to their spouses and partners for tolerating the hairy hindrance.


Together, Endeavor is helping to change the face of men’s health.