Endeavor Team Accepts the Challenge to Benefit a Great Cause

This fall, a group of Endeavor employees participated in the Delta Non-Rev Challenge, an annual campaign that puts the ‘fun’ in fundraising. As the only Endeavor team to participate in this year’s challenge, the group represented their company well, exceeding their fundraising goal to support Houston flood victims while experiencing the adventure of a lifetime.


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What is the Non-Rev Challenge, and what made you want to get involved?
The challenge is part fundraiser, part scavenger hunt, but the objective is to raise money. Each year, a different charity is chosen. This year, it was the United Way of Greater Houston, and all money raised went to help flood victims. We also got a list of clues for challenge tasks in which you earn points while completing. The winning team is based on money raised and if there is a tie, the team with the most points earned from the challenge tasks wins. Our team members wanted to get involved because we were excited to go wherever the tasks took us and were excited for a fun adventure.

Who was on your team?
Kari Lagace – Manager, Aircraft Records; Hannah Jackson – Supervisor, Aircraft Records; Lilibeth Vios – Sr. Records Clerk; Amanda Race – Records Clerk; Vickie Graczyk – QC Records Auditor

What are some examples of the destinations for the Non-Rev Challenge?
Seattle, Denver, Fargo, Indianapolis, New York, Vermont, London, Zurich, Paris, Milan, Santiago, Hong Kong, and more! Some tasks could also be completed anywhere. For example, one task was to appreciate a co-worker and bring them chocolate. Another was to participate in a Breast Cancer Awareness event, so we took a team picture with all of those who participated in #operationpinkpic outside Endeavor HDQ.

Tell us about your whirlwind trip to Europe.
Our plan was to visit five countries in two days, but we only made it to three. We started on Thursday morning, flying MSP to NYC to complete a challenge task there. Thursday evening we flew to London. Once in London, we headed to Kensington Garden to get a picture with the Peter Pan Statue, and then headed back to the airport and off to Zurich. In Zurich, our task was to get a picture under the colorful umbrellas hanging outside of the Gerold Chuchi restaurant. We spent the night in Zurich at an Airbnb rental. The next morning, we got an early start flying from Zurich to Brussels, where our task was to make a video of our team eating Belgian Waffles at Maison Dandoy — a team favorite!

Our plan was to take a train to Paris, but the trains were sold out, so we decided to catch a train to the airport in Amsterdam. We stayed at the Amsterdam airport that night since we were heading home in the morning. We couldn’t get though security until midnight, so we hung out and played Bananagrams and Yahtzee until then, and after getting through security, we slept at the Amsterdam Airport. To get from London to Zurich and Zurich to Brussels we purchased ZED tickets on Swiss International Air Lines. Had our original plan worked out, we would have gone to Paris by train and then bought a ZED ticket on Air France to Stockholm before heading to Amsterdam on a ZED ticket to get home.

How did you raise money, and did you meet your goal?
Our team goal was to raise $1,000. We had a snack sale for 6 weeks and did bake sales on Fridays. From this we raised $799. Amanda, our team member, also sells LuLaRoe and was able to do a fundraiser through her sales for 2 weeks. From this she raised $230.50, which was matched by LuLaRoe. When signing up for the challenge, we donated $100 as a team, so our total raised was $1,380.50. We were able to exceed our goal and want to thank everyone who came down and supported our snack sale!