New Hire Pilot Mentor Program: Pilots helping pilots navigate the nuances of flying at Endeavor

For a new hire pilot, the first few months on the job can pose exciting challenges in the flight deck.

But what about the world outside of the airplane?

While handling yourself as a professional pilot may not come with a checklist, pilots can now lean on their fellow aviators to help navigate the day-to-day expectations of flying at Endeavor.

The New Hire Pilot Mentor Program offers pilots an opportunity to align with mentors who were recently in their shoes. A requirement during their probationary year, the objective of the program is to help prepare new hires for the rapid career advancement into the Captain position as well as subsequent move to mainline — or expanded roles at Endeavor. Aligned with Delta’s flight training, the program encompasses traditional resources and support for new hires, plus an added dimension of expectations for pilots who fly Delta customers.


New Pilot Mentors undergo training to prepare them for their new role

Monthly contact with mentors will offer new hires insight into maintaining a high standard of personal and professional conduct, while also outlining expectations of how to handle a wide range of situations a pilot may encounter during a trip.

“This program offers career guidance to help pilots meet the expectations necessary to pursue the next phase of their careers,” said CA Dan Lord. “The magic of this program will happen as mentor pilots and their mentees lean on each other for those ‘lifelines’ out on the road.”

The New Hire Pilot Mentor Program is an independent, pilot-managed initiative, and mentors are trained on company and ALPA resources. Both the Association and Company offered resources and expertise to start the program.

To learn more about how you can get involved, contact CA Dan Lord at