Ed Bastian Video: “Endeavor has become the ‘Gold Standard’ of the Delta Connection network”

If you’re a pilot, there are a lot of great reasons to consider Endeavor Air. Whether it’s the richest combined compensation package, the rapid career progression, or the Delta Guaranteed Interview program, pilots who join Endeavor simply earn more than they would anywhere else.

Ed Bastian, CEO, Delta Air Lines, recently shared this message with pilot candidates who are considering a regional airline as a step towards a career at Delta. In his message, Ed talks about how Endeavor, like Delta, is committed to performance reliability and boasts an employee-focused culture that drives for — and thrives on — innovation.

“Endeavor has become the ‘Gold Standard’ of the Delta Connection network and is an important position in our long-term plans,” Ed added during the 75-second video message. “We feel it’s a great place to start your career as a pilot. Endeavor is the only carrier that offers a defined pathway to Delta.”

Hear what else Ed had to say by watching this video:

Thank you, Ed, and Delta, for your continued support of Endeavor. We strive to uphold the standards of our mainline partner, while also redefining the regional industry.

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