Employees Provide Shoes & Hope Through Donations to World Soles

In Spring 2016, Flight Attendant Janie Lenz approached Endeavor leaders with an idea: Host a company-wide shoe drive to benefit a worthy organization.

Throughout the months of May and June, employees cleaned out their closets and dropped their gently-used shoes in collection boxes for World Soles, a non-profit organization that delivers donated shoes to impoverished nations where foot-borne disease is rampant. At the end of the drive, more than 200 pairs of shoes were donated by employees.

But it didn’t stop there.


MSP-based Flight Attendant Janie Lenz

Though the official shoe drive ended, the drive to contributeĀ didn’t waverĀ among our employees. The collection boxes remained, and the shoes continued to appear.

To date, 648 pairs of shoes have been collected by Endeavor employees. The donated kicks have been distributed to people in Haiti, Ethiopia, and even to families in need in Minneapolis.

“I never would have imagined the response would continue to be so wonderful,” said Lenz. “It truly is the magic of the giving spirit Endeavor employees bring to work every day that makes this company so awesome. I am proud to say I work for Endeavor.”

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