Department Spotlight: Ops Analytics Team Tells the Story Behind the Numbers

On the third Thursday of each month, C-Tower conference room 701 is a buzz of activity as nearly 30 Endeavor leaders gather to report and review the previous month’s progress. The Monthly Business Review (MBR) covers a 40+ page deck representing every division of the company – and nearly every metric, from the number of On the Job Injuries or Flight Safety Incidents to Cabin Cleaning Survey scores and budget tracking.


Andy Schultz, Director, Operational Analytics & Performance

This massive undertaking is the work of Endeavor’s Operational Analytics department, led by Director Andy Schultz. The four-person team – with backgrounds ranging from Crew Pay, Analytics, Finance, and Maintenance Reliability – works with divisions across the company to gather and analyze data and track performance.

“The MBR is a comprehensive evaluation of each department’s performance versus goal and prior periods,” said Schultz, who joined Endeavor in June 2016, bringing with him experience at Delta within the Delta Connection division. “This process generates productive and challenging discussions and helps keep all aspects of the company tracking toward goals and achieving the Flight Plan.”

As the ‘self-study’ arm of Endeavor, the Ops Analytics team takes a metaphorical magnifying glass to company data, examining it with industry-leading techniques and tools, and extracting information that is meaningful to the organization’s success. By analyzing the numbers, they help leadership better understand it through the lens of organizational progress: Are we on-track? How are we doing compared to last month or last year? And what are the areas for improvement?

“Providing unbiased, consistent, and impactful analysis enables improved business knowledge and decision making,” said Schultz. “By continually evaluating many different metrics relating to safety, customer service, operations, and finance, we are helping Endeavor strive for continuous improvement as the best regional carrier.”

The team also provides ad hoc analysis for divisions and departments looking for specific reporting. From identifying the key cancellation drivers in a given month to customer survey information, Ops Analytics can pull data and compile reports on a wide variety of metrics.

What does it take to pull all these reports together?

“A good team,” said Schultz, who credits much of his team’s effectiveness with their varied backgrounds within the industry. “We have a good mix of experience and knowledge of different critical areas of the operation, and the group has done a lot to streamline the processes to keep us on-track.”