Endeavor Pilots Will Earn $60,000+ First-Year Combined Compensation

efb-smallEndeavor Air now offers pilots the richest compensation package, combined with the only defined career progression to Delta Air Lines in the regional airline industry.

Pilots starting at Endeavor on or after October 31 will earn a $60,000+ combined first-year income – which includes a newly-increased $10,000 training completion bonus – plus, projected upgrades within 18 months. Pilots with qualifying Part 121 time can upgrade even faster and earn Captain pay above $83,000 combined first-year pay.

All new pilots at Endeavor are also eligible for the Delta Guaranteed Interview (DGI) Program, which is the only defined career path to Delta Air Lines.

“Paying a pilot $60,000 in his or her first year is only part of the picture,” said Ryan Gumm, President & CEO, Endeavor Air. “We know that to be able to attract a pilot to join our team, we need to offer defined career progression and an environment where they can thrive. We are proud to offer all three.”

If Delta is where you want to spend your career, Endeavor is your best path to get there.

Apply today or talk to our Pilot Outreach Team at 612.266.1470 or Pilot.Outreach@EndeavorAir.com.