Teamwork and Grit: LGA Tech Ops team takes on ‘Tough Mudder’ challenge in support of worthy cause


Members of Endeavor’s LGA Tech Ops team get ready for a day of fierce competition and team-building at the Long Island ‘Tough Mudder’

Scrambling up slippery inclines, wading through waist-deep mud, and plunging into 10 tons of ice — all this and more was in store for the LGA Tech Ops team as they took on the “Tough Mudder” challenge on Long Island this July.

Led by LGA Tech Ops Base Manager Ron Lagace, the team of faced nearly 12 miles of muddy encounters — from rolling their way through the rotating barriers of the “Block Ness Monster” to crawling through a field of dangling live wires in “Electroshock Therapy.” Raising funds for charity partners like Team Rubicon and Wounded Warriors, Tough Mudder competitions test the stamina of challengers while emphasizing teamwork and camaraderie.

Despite the 98-degree heat, no challenge proved to be too steep for the LGA crew, especially with the support of their colleagues and teammates.

“It is not about being tough, because the toughest person in the world cannot complete this course on their own. This course is about mental grit, and above all, teamwork,” said Lagace, a Tough Mudder “Legionnaire” with six competitions under his belt. “Endeavor is great at working together to accomplish one goal, and to see this happen outside of work shows that we are truly a tight-knit family, not just another airline.”